Over at Badass Digest there’s a great discussion going on about the odd kink that accessibility via social media has brought to the author/viewer relationship. I’ve been pretty open on twitter to discussing my intent with various aspects of Looper, from plot details to bigger…

This debate reminds of an idea I came across while watching/studying Last Year in Marienbad, a film which is subject to endless analyses and dissection of its imagery and meanings.  A critic (I forget who) stated that even Alain Resnais’s personal interpretation of his own film is a privileged one, yet nevertheless just one of many.  Arguably in the film, Resnais is self-reflexively lamenting the author’s lack of authority over the meaning of their own work once it’s out there.  Of course, that’s just my own interpretation.  And on we go in a loop.

P.S. Absolutely in favour of the filmmaker talking all they want (or don’t want) about their film.

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Hey, I made this!


The original mashup of me reading the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER CD back cover notes, and Ben Folds’ You Don’t Know Me.

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